Solid State Drive (SSD) eXtra+ Energy, X series, 3D NAND, 120GB, 2.5 SATA III, 6Gb/s

Solid State Drive (SSD) eXtra+ Energy, X series, 3D NAND, 120GB, 2.5 SATA III, 6Gb/s

Solid State Drive (SSD) Goodram CL100 gen.3, 120GB, 2.5 SATA III


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SSD CL100 SATA III 2.5 ″ GEN.3

The CL100 gen.3 SSD is built using selected TLC NAND 3D memory chips. This will allow you to speed up the computer running on a traditional hard drive up to 10 times, while giving you long-term reliability.

GOODRAM presents the new generation of popular SSDs, dedicated to home and office solutions. CL100 gen. 3 is the name of the new series of SSDs for users looking for a much faster and more reliable alternative to a traditional hard drive.

Wide range of use

If your computer is running slower than you want, replacing the hard disk drive with an SSD is one of the most cost-effective changes you can make. It will completely change the work experience of your device. SSDs are faster because they call data faster, so they speed up startup and load times.

Reliable 3D TLC

GOODRAM CL100 gen. 3 SSD offers the best performance and reliability in the class. The updated disc is equipped with TLC NAND 3D Flash memory. The detailed firmware guarantees complete software data protection, consistency and security during use.

Security and warranty

CL100 gen. 3 The SSD is built around the selected TLC NAND memory chips. Detailed testing and component selection have made it possible to create an efficient and durable SSD. The quality of this product is recognized by a TBW unlimited warranty.

More Information
Form factor2.5
Capacity120 GB
InterfaceSATA III
Memory typeTLC
Dimensions100 x 69.8 x 7
Sequential Read Speed500 MB/s
Sequential Write Speed360 MB/s
Warranty (months)24